Hi all, I got my car back from Woodsport today so I thought I would do as everyone else has and post up my thoughts on what I think the v6 is like. I seriously attempted to write this earlier but I so wanted to get back in the car I gave up half way through! So here goes. From Woodsport to my house is around 170 miles, mostly the A1 and then M1, m60, bla bla bla until the M53 so normally a bit of a ball acher of a drive. Not so today though!
First off though Ive got to say a big thank you to Woodsport and what a bloody good job Paul and everyone at Woodsport did on my engine, it looks brand spanking new and sounds awesome. The extra little things they do to make the conversion perfect go far beyond any garage Ive ever had dealings with before. While waiting for my conversion to complete I, probably like everyone else, have been checking out the various youtube vids and drooling at the engine notes, I can confirm that it does indeed sound much, much, much better in the flesh! 

So then I head to the nearest petrol station and already heads are turning. Brim the tank and head down the A1 and immediatly it hits me how torquey these cars are. Im in 5th at around 30mph on the slip road, tap the accelerator and before I know it Im doing 80, oops, I was meant to keep it at 70 doh! I slow down and already Im grinning and loving it! 
The v6 purrs along effortlessly at the speed limit, it overtakes with ease and handles great, absolutley flawless. Im keeping one eye on the dash and one on the road. After doing 100 miles Ive only used 5 notches of fuel, pretty good, the temp guage is where its always been just below half way so Im happy.

I get on the M53 and Im nearly home so I decide to give it a push, nothing extreme though. Tapped the loud pedal about 1/3rd down and I rocket past my mates car and immediatly have to slow down as Ive just seen the speed Im going. From 70 up to illegal speeds it gets there much quicker than my old NA.

On the B roads Ive got it in 5th most of the way. I cant hear the engine which is good, but love it when I change to 3rd and hear the low down rumble, I could listed to that all day and I know Im not alone there !

Overall I am really, really pleased with the v6, its ticked all the right boxes and I bloody love it. I highly recommend Woodsport to anyone who is thinking of going down the v6 route. Many have said this before but this really is the engine toyota should have put in the mr2.

Finally and this really suprised me, I only used 1/2 a tank of petrol for the entire drive (170 miles approx). That was steady motorway driving between 60-80 mph and a bit of heavy footedness towards the end. When I drove my NA to Woodsport it used just over 3/4 tank, I was going a tad faster but im pleasantly suprised to know that the v6 wont use an awful lot more petrol than the old engine, oh yes and its around an extra £85 per year for me to insure it.

Im off to lemans on Friday for the weekend, that will be the real road test. Ill post up some pics and a vid very soon. Cheers for now!
One very, very happy Dan signing off!

10/10 Thanks Woodsport!!