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I recently ordered some spare parts from the local Toyota dealership in Northampton. I told the chap who served me about the conversion you had done & how pleased I am with it. 

On my return to collect the parts, a few days later, I was served by the same chap. It seems that he had told the service manager about the conversion & he was sceptical about it.

I was asked to take the car to the service section. When I arrived the service manager came out & looked at the engine. He also summoned all the workforce to see this unusual beast. They were all over & under the car & the unanimous opinion was that this is an extremely high quality conversion & they had to admit that they did not really believe their spares chap & thought it was a wind up.

Once again you have astounded Toyota & will be glad to hear that their production stopped for at least half an hour.

Many thanks paul.


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Before the swap, the 2.0 3S-GE was way too tame and underpowered for the look and feel of the car. (Okay I am a biker and most cars feel that way for me, but I know my "fast" for cars too)

After the swap I was VERY impressed with what I now had. With the standard backbox I have two imensly different expriences to behold when driving my 2.