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Before the swap, the 2.0 3S-GE was way too tame and underpowered for the look and feel of the car. (Okay I am a biker and most cars feel that way for me, but I know my "fast" for cars too)

After the swap I was VERY impressed with what I now had. With the standard backbox I have two imensly different expriences to behold when driving my 2. 
First comes LIMO MODE, where you can drive around almost all day using just 3rd and 5th. The engine note and noise are almost unoticeable and if you were a pedestrian, you probably wouldn't even notice the difference from any other MR2. The power to be had down low is phenonenal. I can pull away in third like it was 1st. It will pull from 20mph in 5th (if you tickle the throttle) I doubt there is a hill large enough in the world, that it would not amaze you in climbing speed). Onto roudabout in 5th ? ...no problem. Overall smooth, quiet, lazy, forgiving, power when you need it not a problem. Bliss.

The you have FERRARI MODE, (okay "mini" Ferrari Mode), but wahey...when you nail it, the noises that come from a few inches behind you head...wow. I mean it was good preswap, but now it is indescribable. The induction roar is just right, the low down burbles, blurgs, borps and THAAABorps plus the classical "V Engine" noises that go on back there, are truly awesome, they echo around the cabin perfectly in millio-phonic pana-sound. The pull is pretty amazing for an NA car (untweaked engine too - there have been 3VZs churning out 375BHP in NA form!) it reaches 60 in about 6.5 (8.0 before) and I estimate 0-100 in about 10-11, its not long that for sure. And it just keeps coming...and the fifth gear roll-on is a superb experience (if you can find a road long enough to enjoy it to the max on)

I say again...these engines were DESIGNED for the mk2 !!! ,Jon.

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Mikes testimonial 

Little history first..
I've had my MR2 (Rev 2, Mk2, 3vz-fe track day car) for about 5 years now and have used "other well known companies" to get work carried out. I turned to Woodsport as I wasnt 100% satisfied with previous work carried out and through these forums Paul (and company) appeared to be honest and very knowledgable plus priced at a fair price.

I've been dealing with Woodsport / Paul over the course of the past 2 years as we've tried to find a 2gr-fe in the uk at a sensible price (highest quote was £8000.00 + VAT if anyone is interested..) Didnt have much success at finding one at a sensible price and so the plan to 2gr-fe it was abandoned and I comissioned Woodsport to complete the following works for my track car.

Install LSD
Y-pipe mod
Port n Polish of the 3vz-fe
Lightened Fidanza flywheel.
RPS Clutch (its a track day car - old one was knackered)

In ALL of my dealings with Woodsport over the past 2 years I can honestly say I have had nothing but good advice and quick replies to my emails / phone calls. It wasnt unusual for me to email Paul and have a reply back the same day.
I sent my car up to Paul about a month ago via a car transportation company and then drove the 604 mile round trip with a friend yesterday to collect her.
I can honestly say that the work has been carried out to an exceptional standard. Woodsport going so far as rectify a few things which also needed doing, but at no additonal cost. Outstanding service!
Its pretty obvious that Woodsport are very busy and yet I didnt feel as though it was a case of "hi,.. here is your car.. thanks bye!".
Paul took the time to give us a tour, we got a ride in the Rav6 (hilariously good fun :D) and saw/heard the Mk1 V8. Video doesnt do the Mk1 justice.. it has to be heard to be appreciated.

We got to look at other cars Woodsport were working on and the attention to detail was superb.
I guess it should come as no surprise that Woodsport get a full 10/10 from me.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH Woodsport / Paul!! Very rare for me to find a company that I can unreservedly recommend.