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...I thought the Sierra 4x4 3ltr V6 12v pulled very well, grunt & grip but doesn?t like to rev too much, just drive it on the torque, plant it, get the power down very early & safely out off a corner, a grown-up car. I?ve driven a few 24v 3ltrs and have been generally disappointed with their low speed pickup, having to rev them hard to get any performance, which to me seemed pointless having a large capacity engine, but Paul I think you have provided utopia, a 24v 3ltr which pulls like a train ala 12v but revs like a very good 2ltr 16v.

That torque curve looks sooo good on a dyno chart, area under the curve is what matters and all that but difficult to believe until experienced, superb throttle response and yet revs so freely, the best of both worlds, a rare combination, modern complicated, expensive vvti?s try to achieve the same. 

I can understand your frustration in trying to persuade people with 3sge?s and 3sgte?s who naturally think it?s an exaggeration, how can you accurately describe THAT sound, how can a sports exhaust be so quiet at tick-over and at constant throttle on the motorway, without a trace of resonance and coarseness and yet produce such fantastic MUSIC on acceleration, it makes the car feel so refined, expensive yet so very exciting, M3 drivers might get similar but soooo much more expensive. Apparently this engine in the nineties was voted one of the best 10 in the world and yet people without experience of them seem to under rate them.
When I knew that the heads were designed by Yamaha I though revvy but gutless, but this is the ?F? ?economy? version (i.e plenty of scope for relatively cheap productive conventional tuning ? what?s that nowadays? ? it means 20 real bhp simple exhaust system, 25 real bhp straight forward head port & polish, simple adjustment of AFM tuning, I?ve done similar with the relatively old tech Sierra and I know it works well) rather than the ?G? performance design (ala 3sge high specific output but not much low end torque and not much power left to extract, spend a lot of money but Toyota have done most of it already, how frustrating and uninteresting, no productive big valves, gas flow & polish here).

How nice and enjoyable is it to be able to have the benefits of modern reliable efficient electronic ignition & fuel injection systems etc and yet this generation of engines still allows the ability to interrogate/diagnose/adjust/experiment/improve the engine using relatively simple inexpensive equipment. People get too wrapped up in all alloy blocks, theoretical benefits, hi-tech for the sake of it (but will not allow you simple access anymore, ever again), thinking that must be better but if ever the ?proofs in the eating? then this is Paul, the classic and underrated example, Its must be difficult to sell the genuine qualities of the V6 against the glamour, glitz, sound and after market support for the Turbos although the V6 is getting the attention of more people, even long term turbo owners judging by the comments on the club sites, buy up all the Camrys you?ve got the space for Paul while the prices are low!
I think you are absolutely right in your approach of creating a demonstrator car which when tried would convince most people at an affordable price. Its getting them up there, speaking for myself it was 3 x 360 miles worth it. Your belief, and ability to do it via your own business, an enthusiast who can also deliver the goods, I join the happy band who sing your deserved praises, it took me a fair bit of commitment and heart searching(about 5 mins after the demo drive) to put ?3000 into my wifes (official owner) 16 year old car which will be changed forever but glad I did.

I used 6 gallons over 180 miles at a steady 75 (followed your instructions) and my wife was following in the Sierra which used 7.5 gallons which I would have been fairly happy to match
I kept myself honest and my insurance company quoted me ?120 extra, ?V6 MR2-engine replacement! there must be other enthusiasts as underwriters.

I?ll keep you posted of progress Paul for reference to future conversions, I?m feeling quite proud of being the first MR2V6 conversion in the world with air con and the UK 6xV6, doesn?t sound a very exciting distinction but what an engine!.
Thanks again ...


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Marks 2zz-ge Mk1 Mr2 testimonial

 Just thought I’d write a long overdue update to his project.

So how does it drive?…I decided early on that I wanted the closest ratios available in the gearbox (apart from 6th) with the torsen LSD and I’m very pleased I went for this setup. The traction on take off is great with both wheels digging into the tarmac. When the engine hits 6200rpm the second cam kicks in and the car just lets rip singing around to the 8500rpm cut out. Due to the close ratio box there is a momentary pause after the change to second gear then it hits 6200rpm cam change-over point and it takes off again. 3rd to 4th, 4th to 5th and 5th to 6th are all really close so from 2nd gear on the car never drops out of the high lift cam if all the revs are used. It is very addictive and amazingly fun. There is nothing better than taking it for a blast along known country roads on a quiet Sunday morning, with the engine on the high lift cam the noise is like a group A normally aspirated rally car 
The engine makes more power and torque at all points in the rev range than the standard 4AGE but it still retains and even enhances the high revving nature that makes the Mk1 MR2 so much fun in the first place. As Paul put it it’s like a Mk1 plus. Since this is my everyday car I also wanted it to cruise well on the motorway, be quiet and return decent mpg. I’m pleased to say due to the standard MK2 backbox, standard Mk1 intake and 6th gear it does indeed cruise more quietly than the standard Mk1 and returns about 40mpg at a steady 70 - 80mph. Handling wise due to the LSD this has improved immensely and in the wet I’m now able to hang the rear out around roundabouts and hold it there on the power in a lovely drift. The 2ZZ engine is very light being all alloy and is lighter than the original iron block 4AGE, this has cancelled out the weight of the extra (6th) gear and has maintained the great balance of the standard Mk1 MR2. Paul fitted a full set of poly bushes for me so next week I’ll have the car fully aligned to the TRD settings which should hopefully sharpen the initial turn in a little. Other than that I may experiment with drilling out the poly engine mounts slightly since at the moment there is a little too much vibration at tick-over due to the ridged nature of the mounts.
Overall though as you’ve probably guessed I’m delighted with this conversion… hats off to Paul at Woodsport for not only creating it but also the backup he’s given me since.