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At Woodsport, we are modern and up to date! We accept all forms of payment - credit cards, debit cards, direct bank transfers, cheques that have cleared and of course, cash.


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...I thought the Sierra 4x4 3ltr V6 12v pulled very well, grunt & grip but doesn?t like to rev too much, just drive it on the torque, plant it, get the power down very early & safely out off a corner, a grown-up car. I?ve driven a few 24v 3ltrs and have been generally disappointed with their low speed pickup, having to rev them hard to get any performance, which to me seemed pointless having a large capacity engine, but Paul I think you have provided utopia, a 24v 3ltr which pulls like a train ala 12v but revs like a very good 2ltr 16v.