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Mk3 MR2 V6 Conversion

Here we have a Mk3 MR2 roadster converted with a 3VZFE V6.

The same car received a digital dashboard conversion carried out by us, this involved grafting some digital clocks from an Astra GTE into a custom made binnacle surround.

Below on the right is what we started with, and on the left the modified binnacle.

Finally a video of the finished dashboard conversion.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


Woodsport Messenger


I recently ordered some spare parts from the local Toyota dealership in Northampton. I told the chap who served me about the conversion you had done & how pleased I am with it. 

On my return to collect the parts, a few days later, I was served by the same chap. It seems that he had told the service manager about the conversion & he was sceptical about it.