Woodsport 3rd Gen Sienna 2gr-fe full patch wiring harness (for Sw20 and Aw11 models)

Our biggest product launch of 2021, developed over the last six months of research and huge investment, we're proud to announce the Woodsport 2gr-fe patch wiring harness.

Skip to product review and install video provided by Marc @ Frankenstein Motorworks, link below.

Woodsport patch harness review video

This patch harness is the next evolution in 2gr-fe into Mr2 conversion wiring and promises to be a total game-changer in the way customers install a 2gr engine into their cars. Previously a customer would need to package up and send out their old Mr2 engine harness, and the new 2gr-fe engine harness to myself or another conversion wiring shop, at their own expense and have to wait for that harness to be merged and returned, the customer would also have to pay for any customs charges incurred and package everything to be sent at their end...... those days are now gone with this new product.

Simply put, this new Woodsport Adapted Sienna Patch (nicknamed the WASP harness cool) is a full plug and play section of adapter harness that plugs straight into your Mr2 chassis and fully connects straight to the plugs on a 3rd Gen Sienna 2gr-fe engine harness, that's right, a complete intermediate adapter harness that automatically connects the engine harness straight to the car without any need to send your donor harnesses out to anyone, anywhere! You simply order the WASP from our shop and upon receiving the order we will ask you for some basic pics of your current Mr2 harness plugs and we will also confirm which type of Sienna harness you have (there are two variants, the WASP fits both types but is pinned differently)

This means you get to KEEP your original Mr2 engine harness and ECU totally intact, they do not need to be sent anywhere and do not need to be sacrificed for the new engine conversion, this is a huge step forward, it means you can retain that original harness and revert the car back to standard if you wished, or simply sell the harness to recoup money on your swap. It means no time spent packaging anything up or costs involved with that, no dealing with couriers, no shipping costs either domestically or internationally, no import duty, no risk of loss during shipping, no waiting for your package to arrive and most importantly no hassle. You simply place your order for our patch loom, we make it, ship it, it arrives shortly afterwards, you plug it in, and start the engine up with everything working exactly as it should do, a complete revolution in the way the swap wiring is done, a much simpler and cheaper way to connect your new engine harness to the car. You do not have to do any wiring at all with this new product, plug it in and go.

This also means the original 2gr-fe Sienna engine harness is also not cut, anywhere, it does not need to be joined or soldered or merged to the Mr2 engine harness and is kept as a full original harness, this too is a huge step forward, it means if your Sienna harness ever develops a fault, or you needed to replace it for whatever reason, it makes the new harness a simple plug and play affair, unplug the old harness and plug in the new one straight to the patch. This also means the 2gr harness can be sold, exchanged etc without having to join or cut a single wire.

Our new WASP harness is a complete intermediate adapter patch solution between the Mr2 chassis wiring and 2gr-fe Sienna engine harness, this is a patch harness, not a full engine harness, you will still need a 3rd gen Sienna engine harness to allow this patch to work. Here are the Toyota part numbers for brand new Sienna engine harnesses, any of these part numbers will work 82121-08100 , 82121-08110, 82121-08150 , 82121-08160 , they retail for $850, but a used Sienna engine harness can be bought for $300-$400 on Ebay etc.


The Wasp patch harness is loaded with features, and every aspect of it has been studied to provide the best possible product.

It comes with its own heavy duty starter relay and starter wiring, completely replacing the stock expensive relay, our relay is a very common universal fitment so it is easier and cheaper to replace in future if required. The starter motor wiring also includes the correct fusible link for circuit and component protection and includes all of the plugs for both the starter motor and relay.

The harness is fully rubber grommeted where it passes through the rear firewall, this patch harness does require a new hole to be drilled, but this is for several improvements. Harness routing is much simpler, and with the new grommet hole the entire Sienna engine harness is passed into the trunk/boot as one, so the ECU will live in its stock location and still use the Frankenstein Motorworks ECU brackets . It has been noted over the years that customers complained that fitting the large ECU plug through the stock 55mm Mr2 firewall grommet hole was a major pain, indeed that hole is simply not big enough to comfortably use for everything that needs to pass through, although the old grommet hole does just about work, this new grommet hole allows for very simple harness routing. Included with the WASP is a free holesaw and a template showing exactly where to drill the new grommet hole, which is right beside the original grommet hole and a high quality rubber grommet is also supplied with the kit. The original 55mm grommet hole is then used solely for the WASP harness for full integration into the car, and this too gets a new high quality grommet pre-installed onto the patch harness, so you do not need to cut your old grommet off the mr2 harness either.

The patch harness is fully insulated and protected with corrugated split wrap and finished in wiring harness fabric tape.

The WASP also features a new fusebox plastic clip, this part has actually never been available from Toyota as a separate item, there is no part number for this piece, so we have scanned and 3D printed our own which is an exact copy of the original clip, so the patch clips into the fusebox as it would do from the factory, a very cool addition to the harness which gives it total OEM fitment, no need to cut the clip off your original harness, we have literally thought of everything with this new patch harness.

The WASP also includes the ECU chassis connector!

This connector was previously an item you had to purchase separately, and you had to wire it into the new harness at extra time/cost, but is now part of the patch harness and already connected to the patch, ready to go! This is a major saving cost wise over the traditional method.

Drive by wire pigtail- again this plug and its wiring were something you had to buy separately and have connected into your new merged harness, not anymore, the DBW plug and its wiring are also part of the WASP harness. The plug type can also be changed for whatever pedal type you wish to use, pictured below is the most commonly used one, but the patch will come with whatever DBW plug you want on 12ft of harness already connected.

OBD2 socket- The diagnostic socket/port is also part of the WASP and already fully wired into the patch, giving you full OBD2 functionality for live data and fault code reading.

The WASP also includes AC wired as standard within the patch, so you have the automatic option to use AC or not.

The WASP also includes the 3 pin coolant temp plug which has had an adapter plug provided for your stock 2 pin coolant sensor, so not even the coolant sensor plug needs to be changed. You will need to order the new three pin coolant sensor which is part number AC Delco 19322820.

The WASP also features a power distribution BUS box, which takes the Sienna charging/power cable and allows that to be simply bolted onto the BUS box on the patch, which then feeds power to the car, it also provides the customer with a useful power pickup point for anything auxiliary power wise you want to add later. The patch also features female connector plugs for the stock Sienna chassis integration connectors, this is what makes this new product unique and viable which took considerable work to achieve, but allows full plug and play integration between the 3rd Gen Sienna harness and the Mr2.

MAF and AFR sensor extension cables

Previously a separate add on product, both the MAF sensor extension cable and BOTH AFR sensor extension cables will automatically be included with the WASP kit, these also mean full plug and play functionality for your harness with the AFR sensors having 18" extensions and the MAF 24" extension, no sensor cables need to be cut or extended. Another big saving on purchasing separately. These items can still be purchased separately in the shop if required.





This new wiring patch product is a revolution in how this conversion wiring is now done, it simplifies the install to a whole new level, requires very little effort on the customers part aside from drilling one new grommet hole with all parts supplied to do that, it becomes a truly plug and play adapter. This patch is available for both sw20 and aw11 models, and are built to order to exact customer spec.

Please note that this patch is only compatible with the 2010-2015 3rd Gen Sienna harness, for all other 2gr harness variants you will still need to send us your donor harnesses for wiring up in the normal way. If you are having difficulty sourcing a Sienna harness, as of 15/7/21 a brand new Sienna engine harness can be bought directly from Toyota for $850 USD, which is pretty reasonable for a new Toyota part. Here are the Toyota part numbers for new Sienna harnesses, any of these will work with the 2gr-fe engine and our patch 82121-08100 , 82121-08110 , 82121-08150 , 82121-08160.

We are pricing this complete kit at £450 (exchange rate is $550 USD as of 11/10/23) ,comes with all of the extension cables and extras, this saves you on shipping, buying an ECU connector kit, and a DBW kit, a massive saving over the traditional method.

Key points of the WASP harness.

  • You get to keep your original Mr2 engine harness and ECU
  • No shipping out donor harnesses to anyone, anywhere, ever.
  • Your 2gr-fe harness remains stock, no cutting.
  • No shipping costs or import duty
  • Complete plug and play intermediate adapter
  • Includes ECU plug/pigtail
  • Includes full DBW pedal harness and plug
  • Includes all starter motor, speedo drive and reverse switch wiring
  • Includes OBD2 socket
  • Includes power BUS box
  • Includes all new rubber grommets and installation tools
  • Includes new fusebox plastic retainer clip
  • Includes 3 pin coolant adapter harness
  • Includes both MAF sensor and AFR sensor extension cables

Special thanks

We have worked very closely with Marc at Frankenstein Motorworks on various products over the last 12 years, who will be doing an installation video/how to guide for the WASP harness as part of his 2gr/Mr2 swap tutorials, although the patch is incredibly easy to install, Marc will be showcasing what you need to do to install the patch harness. Frankenstein Motorworks produces the finest Mr2 engine conversion hardware available, if you are new to the Mr2 engine conversion scene i highly recommend you check out his website and buy the other parts you will need for your conversion. Sincere thanks to Marc for all of his help and consultation during the development of this new product.

Marc has also reviewed our product and provided us with an installation video showing how simply this patch is fitted to your engine and car, link below.

Woodsport patch harness install video

It also goes without saying that this new patch, as with all our products, comes with complete technical backup and support for anything you need to guide you through your project.

If you have any inquiries or further questions not answered in this article, please drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and i will get back to you.