A new product for us, in conjunction with our worldwide engine harness wiring service we have now launched a full kit of Mk2 Mr2 engine harness connectors. Normally when a customer sends us their original Mr2 engine harness for merging with their V6 harness, we would cut these connectors off their Mr2 harness, this means an Mr2 harness is sacrificed every time we do a wire up and the customer loses their original engine harness, which has always been a necessary commitment to any engine conversion, but no longer the case with these plugs being made available.

This kit of connectors does away with the need to send us the original Mr2 engine harness or if you are carrying out your own wiring this kit means you can keep your original harness fully intact should you wish to ever refit the original engine or sell the engine complete with its harness.

This kit also allows a standalone ECU to be wired into the Mr2 chassis plugs again without the need to cut up the original engine loom.

In the kit are five plugs, both engine bay fusebox plugs, the electronic speedo drive plug, the EA1 boot/trunk female connector and also the reverse light switch plug.

Please note that only the EA3 large white fusebox plug has coloured wires, all other plugs are black wires, and the EA3 colours are not factory pinned, ie the colours and their location are not relevant to the original colours/location, you can very easily repin the plug and re-arrange the colours if you wish.

You will also need a starter relay connector which is a commonly found 4 pin connector or wire in a new 4 pin relay, this kit is for the rare Toyota OEM plugs.

These plugs are always in stock so will be shipped immediately with no lead time.

The price for all five connectors is £50 and free shipping worldwide.

If you have any questions about this kit or connectors please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also available is the Mr2 ECU header socket to enable you to have a female connector for your old Mr2 chassis/ECU plug ECU SOCKET