This product is only designed to be used with the Hapers hatch panel which can also be found in the webshop, we designed this louvred insert to compliment the Hapers 222D hatch which is available in scooped or scoopless form, but this listing is purely for the louvred insert panel, which cannot be fitted to a Mk1 Mr2 on its own, it must be used with the Hapers hatch.

Also shown on the car above is the Woodsport bolt on wide arch flare kit, also available in the webshop.

Just to be clear, the item you are ordering in this listing is the black louvred insert panel only, not the Hapers surround.

Picture above of our last group buy shipment of louvred inserts on their way to the US.

All louvred inserts will be supplied in black gelcoat finish.

If you wish to order both the hatch surround and the louvre insert, please checkout both items as normal, then email me and i will apply a refunded shipping discount for combined shipping on both items. This refund does depend on location, please email me to discuss before checkout if you wish. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.