I thought i'd offer this service for homebuilders who don't want the pain of going through the wiring themselves. I can provide you with a ready to plug in harness that will work on the first turn of the key on your build (providing everything else is done correctly)

I wrote the "idiots guide to wiring a V6" on the Twobrutal forum some years ago and that has helped massively with members homebuild projects but the wiring still scares many people off, i still get a lot of emails per week from people having problems wiring them up, so this service puts an end to that.

I can offer this service for both Mk1 and Mk2 V6 looms and for 2gr, 3vz and 1mz conversions. I won't be offering any Mk3 Mr2 looms at this time.

This service also applies to 2zz-ge engine looms into Mk1 Mr2, 3s-gte (all revisions) into Mk2 Mr2 and Mk1 Mr2.

All you would need to do is send me your V6 engine harness and various plugs from your car ( i will provide details) and within a week you will have a working harness that will include all of the following...

Working starter circuit
Ignition and fuelling
Charging circuit
Dashboard signalling
Reverse light operation

Tachometer conversion and calibration
Speedo calibration (when needed)

Full OBD2 compliance and all OBD2 equipped engines/ECU will come with a working OBD2 port

Immobilizer systems wired in or disabled as required.

All wiring will be professionally soldered, shrinkwrapped and insulated with conduit. 

In fact i can offer any wiring solution you have in mind to make the conversion completely plug and play electrically, i have a 100% success record with my wiring conversions and have sent them worldwide. This service also comes with full backup and technical support should you need it.

So basically a complete electrical solution for your project all pre-wired and ready to plug in, just fit my conversion harness and turn the key!

Please email me with your wiring requirements prior to ordering and i will take you through what is involved etc. If your swap is one of the below you can automatically use the checkout below to order.

Mk1 Mr2 3s-gte harness (all revisions)

Mk2 Mr2 V6 harness (3vz-fe/1mz-fe/2gr-fe)

Mk2 Mr2 3s-gte harness (when alterations are required between revisions)

Mk1 Mr2 and Mk2 Mr2 Gen4 3s-gte harness conversion

I can also supply donor engine looms if you do not wish to send your original loom, but obviously at extra cost.



Also if you have a special one off or custom build underway and would like to discuss wiring options please get in touch. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.