A new engine conversion related product for the Mk2 Mr2, specifically cars that are no longer running with their stock engine harness. Any Mk2 Mr2 that has been converted to run on a V6 or K swapped car, or even a Gen4/5 3s-gte. Note this diagnostic tool will also work perfectly well on stock engined Mr2s as well.

During the rewire process when the new engine harness is adapted to fit the Mr2 chassis, the original OBD1 diagnostic port is removed, after all the new engine swap is often OBD2 compliant and comes with a new OBD2 port wired in, this is standard proceedure in most cases.

However there are some diagnostic functions on the car that can no longer be accessed due to the old diagnostic port being omitted from the new engine harness, owners have had to directly link pins in the engine bay EA3 connector to get fault codes retrieved for ABS/SRS/PS and CRUISE where fitted on engine converted cars.

We have come up with this quick product to solve that problem by making an EA3 jumper box, so when you wish to retrieve ABS/SRS/PS/CRUISE fault codes or reset the SRS (Airbag light reset)  you can do it with this jumper box without needing to join pins together or perform the so called "playing the drums" routine with bits of wire shorting to ground, full details on that proceedure below.

In short, our jumper box plugs into your EA3 connector in the fusebox and also into the EA3 connector on the engine harness, the engine will still run and operate exactly as before even with the jumper box fitted, but for all ABS/SRS/PS and CRUISE diagnostics you simply need ignition switched on.

The jumper box has two buttons and one switch. The switch will put the ABS/SRS/PS/CRUISE into fault code output mode, all dash lights relating to these systems will flash, outputting any fault codes they may have (note for ABS you also need to unplug the grey service connector in the front compartment- full details on that here ABS service connector )

The two buttons on the jumper box are for carrying out the SRS (Airbag light reset) "playing the drums" proceedure which is explained below....

Turn the key to the on position but do not start.
Now press the GREEN button until the air bag light flashes twice
Press the WHITE button then the GREEN button then the WHITE button then the GREEN button
Pause a second
Press the WHITE button then the GREEN button then the WHITE button then press and hold the GREEN button until the air bag light begins to quickly flash.
Release the GREEN button and the airbag light should go off.

So we have invented a handy little diagnostic tool that just plugs in and allows you to effortlessly access vehicle fault code flashes on your dash and easily reset Airbag light etc


Priced at £75 plus shipping.