We are launching this today in conjunction with our new Aw11 front and rear torque mounts as many owners will want to address this issue at the same time as buying their new mounts.

For many years it's been a well known problem that the front transmission mount where it bolts to the chassis often cracks over time, or with more powerful engine swapped cars. At Woodsport, having carried out hundreds of engine conversions on these cars, we always reinforced the front torque mount chassis area with a spreader plate. This plate spreads the load from the mount over a wider area and prevents the chassis mounting from cracking or tearing.


This plate is 4mm mild steel and obviously requires welding into your chassis, which is a simple matter of bolting it to the chassis on the existing bolt holes and welding it on. Weld through slots have been provided for this purpose as well as welding around the perimeter of the plate.



The plate will be listed for £25, unfortunately shipping this worldwide is going to cost as much as the item itself by a regular tracked courier, and i appreciate that may limit sales, but if you order this at the same time as the torque mount set or any other item in the shop it will ship for free with those and a refund will be instantly issued for the plate shipping when your order is processed.