A brand new product for 2024, we are pleased to announce direct replacement front and rear torque mounts for the Mk1 Mr2 (Aw11 model). These mounts have been designed in house as an upgrade for the stock Toyota mounts that are starting to perish and rust very badly, and with no availability and second hand/used market running out of good replacements we thought it was time to bring these to market.


They are available with either a rubber bush insert or a polybush depending on your application, but please be aware if you chose the polybush version that NVH (Noise/Vibration/Harshness) through the chassis will be significantly more. The rubber bushings we are using have a shore rating between the OEM rubber and full polybush, so should give that increased level of stiffness in the mountings but without the added NVH that poly mounts suffer from. We will not accept returns of the mount based on unacceptable NVH if you chose polybushes, it's well known and accepted they come with NVH and they are what they are! If in doubt order the rubber bushed versions.


Upon ordering please state in the notes section on checkout if you require rubber in both or polybush in both, we can also mix and match mount types if you prefer, meaning one rubber and one poly if you prefer. If no note is added to the order we will email you anyway prior to shipping to confirm which type you want. We will be selling these mounts in pairs, but if you just require one mount only please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and i will organize a custom order for you.


We also have the option of the Supercharger type rear torque mount, which is a slightly different design than the NA one with added bolt holes onto the crossmember, again please state if you require the NA or SC rear mount in your order.

The NA set is available to order immediately, however the SC rear mount has been sent out to a Supercharger model owner who is helping with fitment verification, so please allow 2 weeks from today (12/01/24) for the SC rear mount to become available. We are 95% sure the SC rear mount is correct, but we want to double check its fitment before going on sale. You can still Pre-order the SC rear mount if you want though, but factor in the delay.


Please also note that the rubber bushings and polybushes used in these mounts are a custom size chosen by us to suit the manufacturing and ease of production of these mounts, they are NOT the same diameter as the OEM bushings. Also we can supply replacement rubber or polybushings for your mount in the future should you ever require them, the rubber versions are simply pressed into the mounts making changing them easy, you will never need to reorder whole new mounts in future, just the inserts. We don't expect you to ever need to do that for the lifetime of the mount, but for track use etc you have peace of mind they can be changed.


Please note the pictures in this listing are of the pre-production prototypes, there will be a slight variation in design upon release, with a better level of finish. Also all mounts will come painted Matt black as standard, if you require them to be powder coated they will be £40 extra per pair but will be available in a huge range of colours, again please email me with your specific requirements. Checking out at the listed price will mean basic Matt black painted versions. This serves to make the mounts available as cheaply as possible for those who do not want powder coating.


If you have any further questions about the mounts please feel free to email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your email will be replied to within 24hours Mon-Fri.






Priced at £195 per set plus worldwide shipping.