We've always supplied a RHD Drive by wire (DBW) pedal for the Sw20 (Mk2 Mr2) but it required modifications to the car, a hole needed to be drilled, and it used a different shaped plug than more commonly available pedals out there. The old type pedal was getting increasingly difficult to source, so i've designed a new pedal adapter for RHD Mk2 Mr2s that bolts straight in to the existing firewall holes and uses the same plug as the Woodsport patch adapter harness and also Frankenstein Motorworks DBW extension cable.


This new pedal is easier to source so we are able to keep the costs down, and this pedal comes with the Woodsport adapter bracket so everything you need is in one purchase, pedal and adapter.

The pedal adapter bracket has a folded edge and a backbone plate welded in to ensure no flex in the assembly at all, if anything i've over-beefed this one.


This DBW pedal works with any 2gr-fe, 2ar-fe or 1mz-fe vvti conversion, or any engine swap/standalone ECU that requires a DBW pedal solution for RHD cars, please note this does NOT fit LHD cars, please visit Frankenstein Motorworks for their LHD pedal brackets etc

This pedal assembly places the rubber pedal pad in the same location as stock and comes with the pedal already bolted to the adapter.