A brand new product that should have been invented years ago but somehow we've only just made it possible now, this complete harness patch adapter allows you to plug any 3s series engine into an Aw11 chassis without having to send out any donor harnesses for merging or modification. It is a direct plug in intermediate patch harness that interfaces SW20 engine harnesses into the Aw11.




This patch covers all variants of the Gen1-3 3S series engines, so if it's listed below this patch adapter caters for it into an Aw11...

Gen1 3s-ge and 3s-gte

Gen2 3s-ge and 3s-gte

Gen3 3s-ge and 3s-gte

Sw20 Mr2 redtop Beams 3s-ge

All of the above will now plug and play directly into your Aw11 chassis without any cutting or merging of harnesses, this means you do not need to ship either your Sw20 harness or Aw11 harness out anywhere, you simply order this patch, we ask you for some simple pics of your current harness plugs and it arrives within 7-10 days of ordering.

A new feature of this patch which enables complete plug and play functionality is the design of a brand new Fusebox housing, which bolts into your Aw11 engine bay, the Sw20 engine harness simply plugs into this as if it was being attached to the original Sw20 chassis harness. One 50mm hole needs to be cut into the firewall to allow the new grommet to pass through which connects the fusebox to your chassis plugs and the new Sw20 ECU, the holesaw for this is included in the kit.

The new fusebox design features our new rubber grommet design that is used to isolate the wiring on the underside of the fusebox, we've used the same grommet also for the firewall.


Please excuse the scrap Aw11 firewall section used for demonstration purposes, it's only there to show the patch harness installed. Below see the new Woodsport fusebox attached, it picks up on one factory mounting hole on the left beside the engine lid catch, the other right hand hole needs to be drilled. Also see the new 50mm grommet hole directly under the fusebox, this also needs to be drilled, but the kit includes the holecutter for this job, this allows the patch harness to route into the trunk to connect up to the ECU and Aw11 chassis plug etc. Note the original 55mm Mk1B grommet hole to the left of the fusebox, your Sw20 engine harness passes into the trunk to the ECU via that, Mk1A models will need to have this 55mm hole drilled also, to copy the Mk1B.

Also above you can see the patch uses its own starter motor wiring and the power cable for the Aw11 M2 connector.


Once the new fusebox is mounted and wiring routed into the trunk, you simply connect the Sw20 engine harness to this new fusebox which is a direct copy of the Sw20 fusebox....


Factory female connectors, ready for the Sw20 engine harness to connect to.


Above, i have mocked up how the Sw20 engine harness now plugs directly into the new fusebox and routes into the trunk as it would do normally.


In the trunk side, the patch has the new Sw20 ECU connector, the Aw11 N1 chassis connector, the Circuit opening relay plug (use aw11 COR) and a ground cable, this is everything you need to get your new engine running.


It should be noted the only wiring you need to add is dependent on where you intend to mount the battery, but you just run your new battery power cable to the starter motor main post along with the patch power cable, and ground your battery to the chassis where it sits. Then run your transmission ground cable to the chassis as normal to complete your starting circuit. The full charging circuit is within the patch already. Finally remove the Aw11 reverse switch from the old C52 transmission and fit it to the E153, your Aw11 chassis wiring already has the plug for the reverse light switch.

If you are relocating the alternator to the Celica position you will need to address that on the SW20 engine harness. Also note, none of the Sw20 starter harness wiring is used, it's all already on the patch.

A lot of work has gone into producing this patch adapter, i hope you guys like it!


The price for this full patch adapter harness kit is £395 plus shipping, please add to Cart and go through checkout and the webshop will calculate your shipping costs for you before any payment is made.

Please also check out the new Aw11 1.5 Celica alternator position extension harness that you may also require for this converison HERE


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