A brand new product for 2023, we've been working on this one for well over a year now and after extensive testing and prototyping we're pleased to announce the 2gr Haltech adapter is finally ready. This adapter has been a joint venture between Woodsport and Frankenstein Motorworks, we have collaborated on this to ensure compatibility with the adapter and their tuning package/Haltech Elite 2500 alongside their supporting engine mods and tuning parts.

Our full video presentation for this new product is here Woodsport Haltech Elite Adapter Presentation Video



This adapter is for anyone who wants to either run a standalone ECU on their existing 2gr-fe engine swapped Mr2 or for anyone who wants to use Frankenstein motorworks Haltech Elite 2500 units, which come pre-loaded with their 400hp tune and works in conjunction with FMW engine upgrade parts. We have worked closely with Marc @ Frankenstein to make sure this adapter is 100% matched to his Haltech Elite pinout, ensuring the customer has no wiring to do and is following on a well established tuning path, you will be able to get access to the latest FMW tune and developments as they happen and this plug and play adapter takes care of your hardware side of the install.


The Woodsport 2gr-fe Haltech adapter currently plugs directly into any 3rd Gen Sienna engine harness, so if your Mr2 currently runs with this harness then this adapter will plug and play with that, regardless of who wired the swap or if you're already using our fantastic WASP harness this Haltech adapter will simply plug in and be ready to run on the Elite 2500 from Frankenstein Motorworks, no wiring required, it will simply run on this standalone straight off the key. We are currently working on expanding the adapter to also work with Rav4 engine harness conversions as well, this should happen within the next few weeks, so pretty much most of the 2gr-fe swapped cars out there will be covered by Woodsport Haltech adapter options. If you own a swap that is not either a Sienna or Rav4 2 plug type engine harness you will need to switch your setup to use one of those before the adapter will work. Please note this adapter requires your swap to be currently running and completed, the adapter does not wire up a non running harness, your harness must already be converted to run in your Mr2.


If you are starting out with a fresh unwired 2gr-fe swap project and wish to use the Haltech Elite 2500 straight away, i recommend you use the 3rd Gen Sienna engine harness, our WASP patch adapter harness HERE , and then the Haltech adapter. That will get you to full plug and play on a standalone without the need to send any harnesses out, simply order these items , plug them in and run. This applies to both Aw11 and Sw20 2gr equipped cars.


The beauty of this adapter is that no hardwiring into the chassis or engine harness takes place, meaning if at any point you want to go back to using a stock Toyota ECU (most people are currently using FMW Toyota ECU) , you can simply unplug the adapter and connect your original ECU back up in seconds. It really couldn't be simpler to convert your car to running a standalone ECU to exploit the most in tuning potential.


During the design phase of this adapter, it became clear that due to the sheer complexity of the pinouts, that a reliable and bombproof method of testing each adapter before it leaves Woodsport would be vital, not just for validation that the adapter is pinned correctly, but to give the customer 100% confidence in the product. With this in mind weeks were spent building a complex testing board, this test board manually checks each individual circuit going through every adapter to ensure it is perfectly wired, if even one pin was not correct this test board will pick that up before the adapter is shipped. The individual test boards pictured above were designed by Marc @ Frankenstein Motorworks so huge thanks to him.This gives us the ultimate solution to quality control on every adapter. Each one will be shipped with its own unique serial number and the customer sent the validation test video of that adapter for their own records. There are 72 individual circuits on the adapter and this testing process guarantees they are perfect.

Marc @ Frankenstein Motorworks recently broke through the 400hp barrier in Naturally Aspirated form using the Haltech Elite 2500 and his accompanying engine tuning products, and he thinks there is much more tuning potential available in NA form so we look forward to seeing what he achieves in the coming months.


Each adapter takes several days to produce and validate, production time will be 2-3 days after ordering and 3-4 days shipping to the USA.


If you have any questions about this new product please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please visit Frankenstein Motorworks for their latest prices and related engine upgrade products Frankenstein Motorworks


New lower price at £250 (previously £325)