Product relaunch for 2023!

We designed and produced this engine lid many years ago (2008 i think?) but retired the product after we were just so busy with engine conversions and didn't have the time to manufacture in the numbers we wanted to. So with many new owners coming to the Mr2 scene we feel the time is right to relaunch this engine lid.

Originally called the Kanki lid (the nickname we gave it, Japanese translation for "Ventilation"), this lid was our bespoke in house design, unique to Woodsport, you will not find this exact design anywhere, although there are more aggressively styled versions of this with larger vents (Pheonix Power etc), we always found them a bit too much, this design is much more subtle, more in keeping with the Sw20 style in our opinion, the rake of the vents is gentler and not as high.

This lid utilizes the original NA engine lid under webbing structure, we bond that to the new fibreglass Kanki lid so it directly bolts onto the existing hinges and catch assembly, no modifications are required to fit this lid.

It offers excellent rain protection (zero water ingress to alternator etc, a common Mr2 problem) while allowing heat to be sucked out due to the airflow over the roof and air forced up under the engine bay from the road, it also allows cooling fans to be mounted under it with adequate engine clearance, so not just a styling product.



The Woodsport Kanki lid requires more time to produce than other products we do, please allow 10-14 days production time from moment of ordering.

If you have any questions please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Priced at £275 which includes us sourcing the Mk2 NA engine lid to use as a donor. We can trade in against your old NA engine lid for £50 if you're a UK customer.