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History of Toyota cars


(Thank you Tim at Learning haven)


www.twobrutal.co.uk - Home of the Mr2 engine conversion

www.mr2mk1club.com - The Mk1 Mr2 Club

www.imoc.co.uk - The International Mr2 owners Club/Uk

www.mr2oc.co.uk - The Mr2 Owners Club/UK

www.mr2roc.org - The Mr2 Roadster Owners Club/UK

www.mr2oc.com - The Mr2 Owners Club/US

www.mr2.com - The Mr2 Board/US


Woodsport relies on quality parts and materials for all of our engine conversions, all supplied by our local motor factors who give a top quality service and excellent parts range. Contact Tony and he and his staff will go above and beyond for anything you need and at an excellent price.

Woodsport only uses the very best paints and materials on all of our project cars, we only buy from Paintshop Supplies in Durham who also offer invaluable help and advice from decades in the motor vehicle finishing industry, they come very highly recommended by us.

Our local Toyota dealership in Durham have been serving us very well for years with very prompt and efficient parts supply with very helpful and friendly staff.

Woodsport insists on using the best professionals in our region for any outsourced work, once such company is CUT8 who provide us with vehicle paintwork correction and dent removal at our premises. Contact Geoff at the number below if you require a top quality service from a very experienced craftsman.


Woodsport Messenger


Hi all, I picked up my car a couple of weeks ago, and have been too busy driving it, to post anything! Everyone was right, the 320 mile drive back home, was great, the engine was far quieter than the original, and I dont think i needed to change gear much over the whole journey. The car managed the whole trip on one tank of petrol, but with Pauls advice I was taking it easy, and making stops to make sure all was well. I had the fifth gear conversion as well, which is highly recommended, as at 70 miles an hour, the engine is doing a leisurely 2500 RPM.
I cannot praise Paul and Anth enough, the attention to detail is astounding. I cannot recommend them enough, for their conversions, and it is the best money I have ever spent. I have always liked fast cars, but this is in a different league, the torque is incredible. I dont think I have enjoyed driving any of my previous cars so much. The sound of the exhaust is very quiet, until you put your foot down, then it howls, with that distinct v6 note. I hope to bring it to some shows, as I dont need much excuse to drive it. I have great admiration for all of you who carry out this conversion themselves, as it does not look easy. The last time I carried out my own conversion was 20 odd years ago, and that was a Ford Cortina 1500GT engine into a Ford Anglia 105E . Someone told me it was a straight swop, but one was crossflow and one was pre-crossflow, and that was just one problem. I am glad that I put my MR2 into the hands of experts, as it would have been well beyond my abilities. Hopefully I can join the "oldest boy racers in town" club now!?