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The 2GR-FE 3.5 V6 conversion.

The 2GR-FE, 3.5ltr V6 conversion

We have completed eight of these conversions up to now (1/3/11), into the Mk2 MR2 chassis.

For those of you who don't know this engine it is normally found in the Lexus RX350 or the IS350 models. It produces 270bhp in standard form (at the wheels, more like 300bhp at the fly), that is running with both CATS and the stock ECU.

However all Woodsport conversions leave us running 325bhp and 285lbs/ft of torque, which is 50bhp more than the Lotus Evora (same engine) 

Here is the 2GR in the early stages of installation....

And a video of it running.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

For further details of pricing and options on this engine please email or call me.

We can offer the amazing 2GR-FE engine in all 3 marques of the MR2, so Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 are all possible options although each has its own level of difficulty and price.

A supercharged option for this engine will also be available in the coming months, according to the supercharger kit's developer. This will be on the stock ECU and injectors so even higher BHP numbers will be achievable using a standalone ECU and injector upgrade.Updates will appear here as they happen.


Another 2gr-fe equipped Mk2 Mr2 has now been completed, this one is in a 355 replica kit and it goes like stink! Really sounds bang on the button for a Ferrari replica as well, and is running with a Berk silencer.

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95% completed engine bay shot below.

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Here is a Mk2 in the US with a 2gr-fe fitted, no clutch dumping required, it will just do this with throttle control there is so much torque available.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

The recent dyno of this conversion showing 325 bhp and 285 lbs/ft of torque, the lower graphs are of the previous 3vz-fe V6 at 215bhp.

Our latest project is installing this crazy V6 engine into a Mk1 Mr2, full details of that will follow.


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Owens Testimonial 


Last week-end I collected my car from Woodsport.  Like everybody says, Paul does a great job.  I think anyone would find it very difficult to find a better company to take on similar work with the same passion and knowledge.  I would have no hesitation in recommending

The reason why I chose Woodsport is that I came across a website where someone had a MR2 converted to a V6 and tracked it down to Woodsport who had done the conversion.  I had a few chats with Paul on the phone and found him very helpful and knowledgeable and he didn’t give me the impression that he was just doing the job to make money.    About a year ago, I was at a motorbike event in Darlington so I arranged with Paul to go and talk to him at his workshop so that I could confirm for myself that my gut reaction was correct that he was a professional and it wasn’t a Mickey Mouse outfit.  I first met Anth who made me welcome, was very helpful and showed me some of the projects they were doing at the time.  Paul arrived a little later and I spoke to him about the conversion that I would like to be done to my car and I could tell that he had lot of knowledge ( I used to go to a friend’s garage who specialized in Gilberns and helped him on some jobs) and was also very passionate about his work and plans for future projects. 

I arranged with Paul to have the Camry V6 fitted and spoke to him about extras such as supercharge. He said that he would try and find a low mileage car for me and as time went by he told me that there was a good deal on the 2GRs in USA so I let Paul sort it all out.  I gave him a free hand to do what he wanted to do on my conversion but when he came across a problem he would always discuss it with me first before going ahead with the work.  I felt that he went out of his way to keep me informed of the progress of work on the car and he did lots of finishing touches which I think I would have been very unlikely to get elsewhere.  I appreciate this as I know that sometimes people do not realise the time involved to obtain perfection and that is what you get at Woodsport.

Now to the car - Paul checked everything with me and explained all the work that he had done.  The first thing I did was stall the engine as I was not used to the competition clutch.  The car runs sweet and smooth and it feels like an automatic as there is no need to change gears because there is so much power and torque.  It is also very economical.  I did over 280 miles and I still had at least a quarter of a tank of petrol remaining in the car.  I was well impressed.  I am still getting used to the power of the brute - it goes like a scalded cat.