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6 speed gearbox for Mk2 Mr2

Production of a conversion kit to mount the Toyota Scion / Camry EB60/62 6 speed transmission will be starting January 2017.


We currently run a number of V6 equipped Mr2s on the Eb60 6 speed, so a kit will be available in the new year to enable anyone to bolt this gearbox onto their 3s-gte or V6 powered cars.


Details to follow in the new year 2017. 


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What a fantastic motor!! Could have had better weather though - it was dark,raining, so it was gently does it for 20-30 miles, nervously watching all the gauges. Then opened it up a bit more - the power is instant and comes in bucketfulls,even in 5th. Didn't try it in lower gears after watching the Woodsport video!! The sound from in the car with this Berk exhaust is exceptional - blown away.I was dubious hearing it on the videos but they just don't do it justice. If you are looking for an engine upgrade and were ever in doubt....and you can afford it - this is the engine to go for. Last, but far from least - my thanks to the guys from Woodsport. Brilliant job again, very professional conversion with loads of advice chucked in.They really enjoy the work they are doing with these cars - enjoy the hobnobs!! P.S. Looking for a tunnel and will post a video anyway when we have a dry day!!