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Toyota MR2 Mk1 Engine Conversions
Toyota MR2 Mk1 Engine Conversions
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1 Mk1 Mr2 2gr-fe V6 Conversion
2 Mk1 Mr2 2zz-ge conversion
3 Toyota MR2 Mk1 3SGTE
4 Toyota MR2 Mk1 3vz-fe and 1mz-fe V6 Conversions

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Hi all, I got my car back from Woodsport today so I thought I would do as everyone else has and post up my thoughts on what I think the v6 is like. I seriously attempted to write this earlier but I so wanted to get back in the car I gave up half way through! So here goes. From Woodsport to my house is around 170 miles, mostly the A1 and then M1, m60, bla bla bla until the M53 so normally a bit of a ball acher of a drive. Not so today though!