I thought i'd offer this service for homebuilders who don't want the pain of going through the wiring themselves. I can provide you with a ready to plug in harness that will work on the first turn of the key on your build (providing everything else is done correctly)

I wrote the "idiots guide to wiring a V6" on the Twobrutal forum some years ago and that has helped massively with members homebuild projects but the wiring still scares many people off, i still get a lot of emails per week from people having problems wiring them up, so this service puts an end to that.

I can offer this service for both Mk1 and Mk2 V6 looms and for both 3vz and 1mz conversions. I won't be offering Mk3 or 2gr looms at this time.

All you would need to do is send me your V6 engine harness and various plugs from your car ( i will provide details) and within a week you will have a working harness that will include all of the following...

Working starter circuit
Ignition and fuelling
Charging circuit
Dashboard signalling
Reverse light operation
Speedo calibration (i will even convert your tacho board)

All wiring will be professionally soldered, shrinkwrapped and taped. 

So basically a complete electrical solution for your project all taped up and ready to plug in.

£395 posted back to you.